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Boo W. Client
We needed a survey done for our home when we bought it. There was one here locally but he only worked with the public a couple days a week. We were told about Allen and he did a wonderful job. He was very thorough with our survey. He helped us understand our property line as it ran at a slight slant on the sides. He explained the difference in just trying to eyeball a straight line versus using the equipment he used. Our new neighbor was a sweet older lady that thought our driveway crossed a bit onto her property. We wanted to do the right thing as lines get skewed after a few years. We felt with a proper survey this would settle things. We were not out of our property lines and everyone was satisfied. Allen did a great job explaining things and answering any questions. He was friendly and easy to work with. Because of the situation he drove a couple extra stakes and flagged them for us.
John J. Client
Absolutely the most professional, reliable land surveyor I have had the pleasure of working with. Very detailed and thorough. I highly recommend Allen Maples Surveying for your surveying needs.

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